Fat Grafting

Add soft volume,balanced shape,
and sculpted contours to your face.

  • Operation time30 minutes ~ 1hour

  • Anesthesiasleep anesthesia

  • Suture removalUnnecessary/7 days if necessary


High engraftment Fat Grafting
Voluminous Baby Face!

Extract pure fat to inject fat into areas where the volume
of the face is lacking, for a voluminous face.

Fat Grafting surgery target
  • Person who has sunken forehead
  • Person who looks older without volume
  • Person who wants to look younger naturally
  • Person who needs to improve smile lines
  • Person who wants voluminous face line without prosthesis


Fat Grafting Areas

Fat grafting injects fat evenly in layers to balance your face.

  • 01.

    Tighter density and higher adhesion rate

  • 02.

    Lower side effect

  • 03.

    Increase Skin

  • 04.

    Natural &
    Voluminous Result


Grafting Pure Fat Cells to increase adhesion rate

Fat grafting injects fat evenly in layers to balance your face.
Proper range of volume will refine image to a voluminous youthful image.

AND Fat Grafting Method
  • 01

    Through 1:1 consultation, surgery area and fat graft dose are decided.

  • 02

    Suction made from thighs, hips, or abdomen.

  • 03

    Extract pure fat and PRP through centrifugal separating machine.

  • 04

    Inject the extracted fat and PRP for a voluminous face line.

Before & After


윤석호 전문의 사진

Does the grafted fat move around?

The reason it feels like the grafted fat is moving is because

It is free oil, not pure fat.
If the impurities and free oil from the collected fat are not filtered enough, you may feel like the fat is flowing and moving.

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